The Bulldog-Bot Help Desk

Please welcome our newest associate – Beatrice BulldogBot.
Beatrice is now in charge of our Help Desk, relieving Bubba of some of his duties. She can help find what you are looking for and answer questions, but please remember she is new, so tell her what you are looking for by using only a couple words at a time and try to keep your questions short. She is still in training but doing a great job. If you find she cannot help, please send us a message from our Contact Page. Thank you and Happy Shopping – The Bearded Bulldog.

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  • Hello my name is BUBBA. Thank you for visiting! I am here to help you. I can show you your recently viewed items, your cart, a Specialized Search, and you can click to send us a message.
  • NEW!!! -- I can now help negotiate your price on some of our items! Just click on the Make an Offer button on the item page.
  • I am in a negotiating mood! -- And I can help you get that collectible you want. Just click on the Make an Offer button on the item page and let me make you a deal.